Our Story


Resonate Trading Company was created in 2019 as our passion project. With both of us working a regular job, raising a family and tending to everyday “adulting responsibilities,” we decided it was absolutely crucial (for our sanity) to make time for what makes us, well us. We’re both creatives who love and honor the natural world around us. As a couple we are truly yin and yang. Each of our own personal characteristics, strengths and skill sets bring balance to our life and a uniqueness to our work. We’re both at our best when we’re creating, connecting and living outside the confines of “normal.”  Our passion project actually started as a seedling of a business named He Loves Me Knots. We cultivated and grew this business until it fully blossomed into what is today, Resonate Trading Company. We’re proud and grateful to be able to connect with you, share our knowledge and offer pieces inspired by mother nature. 


We hope you enjoy our selection of gems and minerals, wire wrapped jewelry, accessories, metaphysical tools, woodworking and more. We also offer jewelry making classes, jewelry making parties for kids, and metaphysical workshops as well! 


Oh, and last but definitely not least, we own a skoolie bus named “The Resonator.” She gets us from show to show and is our sweet home away from home.