6/23 @ 10am: Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

6/23 @ 10am: Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

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Ground, connect, center, & protect YOUR energy through YOUR chakras

Join Sara from Resonate Trading Company in this group guided meditation where you will learn to manipulate and balance YOUR own energy through YOUR own chakra system. You will leave with an understanding of the chakra system as well as a new tool that you can repeat any time, anywhere. 

This is a simple yet powerful tool Sara has been using daily for some time, and has recently started to share with others to incorporate into their daily practice. She is passionate about sharing this tool because it empowers people to take their own healing and spiritual development into their own hands.

As children we are taught about all of the physical systems in our body and how to support them, but unfortunately we are not made aware that we also have an energetic system that we need to maintain and focus on too! No one teaches us the basics of balancing & protecting our energy daily before stepping out the door, & checking in periodically through the day. No one teaches us how such a simple yet powerful practice can have a major impact on our day to day life. Without this foundational knowledge we can tend to live our lives in a very disconnected and distracted way - knowing there is more to life, an easier route, but not knowing how to get there. Understanding how to tune in to the subtle energy body we all possess can be life changing. This mindfulness tool may be the key foundational knowledge needed to improve your overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and keep you feeling aligned with your life purpose. Come ready to release energy that is not in alignment, and prepare yourself energetically to receive what is!

Who is it for:

  • Anyone who enjoys a good guided meditation
  • Anyone interested in learning about the chakra system
  • Anyone struggling to feel “on track” in their life
  • Empaths or anyone who feels they are affected by others energy
  • Anyone focusing on taking healing and spiritual development into their own hands
  • Anyone looking for a starting point for their spiritual journey


  • Feel better prepared for the day ahead of you
  • Increase overall feeling of wellbeing
  • Raise your vibration to connect with spirit and manifest more easily
  • Feel less impacted by energies of others you encounter through the day

What to bring/what to expect:

  • Water
  • Journal if desired
  • Yoga mat & something to sit on (pillow, blocks, bolster)
  • We will meditate mostly sitting in a chair or laying down