Amethyst & Moonstone Pendant
Amethyst & Moonstone Pendant

Amethyst & Moonstone Pendant

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Enjoy this multi-stone piece of wearable art! This pendant features a teardrop shaped Amethyst and oval shaped Moonstone, intricately wrapped to create a medium to large size statement piece. Your pendant will come to you on a black cord.

In addition to being a beautiful and classic stones, Amethyst and Moonstone are said to hold the following metaphysical properties:

◆ Relieves stress & anxiety ◆ Protection ◆ Intuitive gifts

Promotes spiritual growth and development
Good for headaches, insomnia & nightmares
Rids home and body of negative energy
Helps tap into your  psychic abilities
Natural stress & anxiety reliever
Attracts positive energy
Protective stone


◆Balances Emotions ◆ Truth ◆ Intuition ◆ Feminine Energy◆

Soothes and balances Emotions

Uncovers the subconscious

Connects us with the rhythms of nature

Gives intense intuitive experiences

Good for PMS, conception, pregnancy, 

childbirth, breastfeeding, and menopause.

Helps with insomnia and sleepwalking

Protective for those who travel upon the water or at night