Labradorite Earring & Pendant Set in Enameled Copper

Labradorite Earring & Pendant Set in Enameled Copper

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Enjoy this set of beautifully wrapped set of Labradorite Earrings and mini pendant.  These are the perfect size for everyday wear, but will absolutely draw attention! Your pendant will come on a black cord. 


Also enjoy the healing properties of this amazing stone. Labradorite is said to hold the following properties:

 ◆Anxiety/Depression ◆ Psychic Abilities ◆ Transformation ◆

Slayer of darkness and depression
Stone of mystic & Magic, spiritual development, Intuition & psychic abilities
Opens and clears the chakras & shields aura from negativity
Courage-good for times of change
Breaking addictions or unhealthy habits
Stress & Anxiety relief